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First, no first century historian mentions this remarkable event. As for the code of Hammurabi, I would agree that similarities between it and the Ten Commandments do exist, but to say that the Code is the basis for the Ten Commandments is to, again, deny the text.

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Hebrew rabbis lifted many of the 10 commandments from the code of Hammurabi, and that has been proven using historical analysis. No first century historian makes any reference to it whatsoever. No documentary or archaeological evidence links any of the Pharaohs bearing the name [Ramesses] with plagues or Jewish slaves or edicts to kill babies. There are no other acceptable evidences of the Hammurabi.

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The same would apply to the absence of the Exodus in the Egyptian records. The fundamental issues are both excluded and not examined effectively. The importance of dating for archeology [1] cannot be underestimated. Hebrews in Egypt. Biblically and Historically, he was on a ram to kill all Christians and then something happened to him that caused him to write half the New Testament. Secondly, C14 by itself, without other corresponding forms of on the ground and historical evidences, is not dependable; especially so for dates under a Million years.

The Jews definitely lived in Babylon during the time the code of Hammurabi was developed and implemented and they the Jews were influenced by them. We use the mind to make sense of our world and navigate through life. The lack of documentation regarding biblical s is very troubling and does strongly suggest that what is believed may not be authentic. Honestly, I have not done the research into the commandment. This alone is evidence for their truthfulness, regardless of the physical evidence which many seek.

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Because you deny that what is recorded actually existed, how are you not allowing your disbelief to influence any possibility that what is recorded in the text actually existed? In order to adequately state that no Egyptian record contains a single reference to the Exodusthis must mean that you have looked at all of them yourself, or that you are going by what someone else has said. However, archeology has limitations, as does the Bible.

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Dating, as in archeology, is a helpful tool concerning peoples and cultures of the past. Why is one required to abandon logic and reason when discussing faith but promotes such thinking for the balance of life? Also I have been searching for the studies with conclusive evidence that Humurabi was dated around If so can you please link me to a site that would have these info, I will be grateful. No evidence of the Exodus in the archeological records or the historical narrative brings into question the validity of the story.

The Ten Commandmentsalso known as The Decalogueare traditionally estimated to have been date around B. Others estimate a later date i. His grandson, the great Ramesses II, lived even later.


An event that large would surely have been mentioned, but again, we find no evidence of its existence in the historical record. An argument from silence does not seem a strong argument at all. Of course, even if the evidence is there, most will still deny the veracity of the Scriptures and Jesus as Savior, not believing the Word itself.

But where archeology and other disciplines cross their respective boundaries, mischief against God and His Word and His ways more clearly appear, as do those of any who wish to discredit the Scriptures, God, and Christ.

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Yet three days later, they were emboldened to preach the resurrection of Jesus, even giving their own lives. On the other hand, neither does an argument of silence disprove the truth. I appreciate your apologetic response.

What could change a person like that? Patrick, The Old testament is no doubt an old old historical record, if not then an old old document that contains time records and historical milestones lifetime years, names of Kings, wars that we can calculate in through time to the era Jesus rose from the dead, and these documents say the Jews were in Egypt.

Regarding the Resurrection, there is a lot of evidence to support it. The human was endowed with a large cerebral cortex where the skills of reasoning and logic were developed.

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Do you happen to know the names John Warwick Montgomery i. What archeology can do is to estimate the dates of documents and artifacts, make assessments of the land and its people in comparison with those living at or around the same time, and draw theoretical conclusions where the evidence is lacking. The Bible is not a science text book. Neither does archeology. Nevertheless, dating only demonstrates timing, not necessarily influence. All are based on two factors: the writings resemble Akkadian, a genuinely ancient non-alphabetical and older than the relatively Hebrew new comer in the ancient world.

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Lastly, your comment about the gospels being consistent which is proof of their validity is a non-sequitur. Regarding the resurrection of Jesus it has no evidence in any writings outside the four canonical gospels. All of this le a person to conclude these commandments are likely not authentic.

Furthermore, Christianity was causing a huge uproar amongst the Jews and many in the Roman Empire. I could date the claim that a goat is orbiting the earth and because another does not see it they cannot refute my date however, reason and the lack of evidence strongly suggests my claim is false. But a D. Similarity does not always imply dependence. Your comments in this blog are trying to fit the evidence into a pattern that supports your belief, which they cannot support.

No Egyptian record contains a single reference to anything in Exodus; and by the commandment there were enough Jews living in Egypt to constitute an Exodus, the time of the pyramids was long over. The cheetah has speed and strength, birds fly, and the main human attribute is the mind.

I just cannot square the circle by believing in events that do not pass reason and lack complete evidence.

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Take for instance the sudden emboldening of the Apostles. They have made very similar apologetic claims. What the lack of evidence shows is simply that a lack of evidence exists.

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Consistency is not proof of authenticity as one can tell a lie in a of consistent ways but its remains a lie. Pastor—Thank you for taking time to respond. This is somewhat believable. It gives a chronology, but it does not lay the foundation. One would surmise that an event like this would be reported by someone, but alas nothing. The lack of physical evidence for an ark, the ark of the covenant, or the Ten Commandments themselves do not deny that they actually did exist.

However, dating does not give the definitive answer to human inquiry. Dating the Hammurabi Monument. Secondly, there is C14 dating.

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Any question or doubt of this assertion is a question or doubt of the Old Testament Scriptures. We know also that the Hebrews did later establish a sovereign kingdom in Canaan. Firstly, the Akkadian sponsored many languages, including the recent Arabic which contains many Akkadian words — but which is not old.

Address:. Resemblances between the two do exist.

Hoerber Ed. Louis: CPH Winton Thomas ed. While a large date of archaeologists, historians and Encyclopedia accept the ancient pre-Hebrew dating. Of Him, the Scriptures are completely consistent. Part of making our way in the world is using our brain to make connections through evidence and proof. I wish you well on your journey. Concerning the evidence or lack thereof of archeology and the Biblical text, archeology neither proves or disproves Holy Scripture or its.

Archeology has its sphere, and it is helpful and useful as long as it remains there. To think that they would all give their lives for a supposed lie that they made up is a commandment too. Obviously, no one has been able to locate the body of Jesus. The Theological Factor.

There are two, not one, proofs of the Hebrews in Egypt, namely the 3, year Amarna Letters, and the 3, year Merneptah Stelle. John is the only gospel who says believing in Jesus is the way to heaven, but something supposedly that important is strangely missing from the other gospels.

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Dating items of antiquity does not either prove or disprove the Bible to be God breathed and God give. Archaeologists working in Egypt have never found any evidence to support the Exodus in the Bible, and there is only one archaeological find that even suggests the Jews were ever in Egypt.

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The Commandments are recorded virtually identically in Exodus —17 and Deuteronomy —


In one of the chapters of the Old Testament that refers to the Commandments Exodus , God apparently added:.