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Thank you. Just before we left i suggested we ordered finger foods as i was hungry and he said the pitch was beside The Place restaurant in lekki I love their food!

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It has to be done, till you find that one person whom you can hopefully tolerate their snores and constantly pick their clothes off the floor. They will understand. If discussion generates more than a few s daily your subscription will be paused automatically.

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Guys and football though. No ice cream r fancy restaurants for her oh. Dating comes with hilarious experiences. They were FUBU trainers. Not a disaster as such but I went out on a disaster one time with a Lawyer guy and then he showed up with his male lawyer colleague and his girlfriend who was a lawyer as well. Oh, he paid for my cab home, does that make it any date Went on a date with this guy last year in Ibadan even though I was a little under the weather.

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The night ended with me having to sneak to find a cab yes sneak as he kept trailing me. To cheer myself up, I agreed to go on a date with some guy. You are joking. Ore thank you so disaster LOL Reply. I thought it was a date till we left and actually went to the pitch. Grow With Kachi is a relatable and stories focused lifestyle blog on daily living, careers, motherhood and everything in between — for helpful content and honest conversations.

Does having to pay for tickets to a movie for yourself and a date because he arrived late without said date refunding you or at least paying for his own ticket count as a date disaster? Gosh so good to hear from you. My regards to Tola.

Cringe worthy dating stories by locals

Wow Kachi this is awesome. Abby July 17, at looool. Spread the word please? CherishExpress October 1, at I went on a so-called day with a guy whom I thought was nice.

1. one day he was wonderful, the next he was awful.

Dude, those bones needed to be cracked. Which of these disasters above would have led to a ByeFelicia!? Adekemi Edema February 23, at Worst date for me? Osar' February 25, at Babe…I remember this. I love your blog posts Kachi! We got to the restaurant and it had burnt down. Till you find this person with whom you can finally be your complete silly self, so many first dates are probably involved.

You slapped him?? I told him i had this sudden need to puke and immediately i got down from the car, i sort of walked to his story of the car and slapped him hard across the date. Lol Reply.

2. he was a completely different person.

These date disasters are so funny to read! I refused flat out and the next thing I knew was that my jaw had swollen. Toggle. Osar' February 25, at Lol. The Weetabix guy rocked!

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I guess its in you peoples blood. Please share! Apology accepted! Bagos Mutendi March 3, at Was wondering when I would share this story.

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Bagos Mutendi March 7, at I was aiming for a lighter version but you know females and our hormones na… Reply. Have a good laugh, learn from them and if you are single, reasonably enjoy the dating cycle, by which I mean meeting new people and pretty harmless dates…not bed-hopping!

Cheeky Yeah? So a set of socks was the first gift I got him. Am I a psychic to know whats in his head? Not too bad, I guess. I actually read this many times when I need a date Abby July 17, at Lmaoo! You disaster to shed some weight off that beautiful brain of yours. CherishExpress Reply. I had been slapped! I apologise on their behalf especially as Law is so boring to non-lawyers! Tayo Adebayo February 24, at Wow Kachi this is awesome. First Date Disasters! Does awkward adequately describe such a story

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Kachee KacheeTee. I was so pissed i asked him to drop me home and it was a very quiet ride home and yes i was boiling. Share on Pinterest Share.

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I stopped to get medication before we would head off to a fancy restaurant or catch a movie at Heritage Mall, Ibadan in my head though…lol. I went on a so-called day with a guy whom I thought was nice. Anyways this is a very good initiative and i love your style.

Red Cliffs date ideas

Worst date for me? We were at an outdoor bar and halfway into the drink, he says I should go home together.

polish dating in Collie

In a lame clap-back attempt, he claims I ate my chicken with my hands. I just laughed…harrrd!!! Uh Oh! Lies… Ok, just one is correct… Ok… Maybe both! I really do appreciate. But still, trust me, they needed socks.

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I was so damnnn boredddd! U may be using UK voodoo for me i bet. And his excuse was oh he planned for us to go have shisha n eat after the game…. I was beyong enraged!!! We got to Mr. Biggs at Bodija, Ibadan and they had closed, went to another restaurant and they offered us rice without meat urrgh.

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It seemed like a horror movie. Was wondering when I would share this story. Ore March 2, at I love your blog posts Kachi! He ran away so I had dinner with her!

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You fidget, you push your food around with a fork, you sit in awkward silences while you wait for the clock to run out.


Dating is an exciting experience.


Yes, dating disaster stories provide endless entertainment and torture, but boy-oh-boy they can be hard to endure.


First dates are usually nice, if things go well that is.