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Which eye color do you prefer?

A sporty two-seater. Change color.

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Delete this comment Cancel. Too cocky.

Where will you find your perfect guy?

He doesn't drive Comments 0. Bike ride then a picnic. All tongue He would kiss me under the lights of Paris He would burn the question in my yard.

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A CD of songs that remind him of me. Strong, dependable, kind.

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He would get himself all dolled up, take me out to a fancy dinner, and propose over a romantic, low-fat dessert. A dinner in a fancy restaurant.

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Don't talk to him. A diamond necklace.

Your perfect guy

Please leave empty:. A Toyota Prius. Ditch him. The underwear I left in his car. Walking on the beach.

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Nice and softly Sweetly, so that each kiss feels like the first one. Pudding Poo. Rebellious, rugged, dangerous.

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Sensitive, romantic, passionate. A single red rose.

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ONLY hang out with him. Ambitious, intelligent, risk-taker. Hang out with him and your friends. He would ask my father's permission, and then get down on one knee in front of my family at Christmas.

Want to know who your perfect guy is well, do the quiz.

Hold hands and hug and kiss. Call each other silly names i.

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He would write a love song for me, and in the chorus ask me to marry him. He can pick me up in his pick-em up truck.

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While there are now more ways than ever to meet people, sometimes, it can feel nearly impossible to find the right person.


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