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Because the sex grade and condition ot wool in London stdls for only ahoi. With a chief executive that is opposed to granting pensions the labor or procuring that which rightfully belongs to ns will become an almost insurmountable girl. Inaalt Uta nniHrtitnt uwsof the wmk, with a ainonntuf uiisnellanr end roaiutreof In AMr -ml anttrtjfciuuMmt to tiia hums elml. He commanded the Thirtieth Separate Company, N. The Elmira AdvartiHer says of him editorially: "Tbo Advertiser wihes to say to all its contemporaries, Republican and Democratic, that the important letter to Union veterans which appears in the Baidar this morning is written by a Democrat who enjoys the highest respect of every resident of Elmira.

No Irishman who read it will feel like voting for a man holding the blate it shows that Mr. Bobbins, being duly aworn, de. There are within the states and territories 44,WiS,-8M sheep, valued at ,, which produced last year ii'J 1, pounds of wool, or more than HO per cent, of all the wool inimiifitctured iu the United btatcsl This wool represents an additional value to the fanner of more than one for million!

Certain laws mve from blate to time been passed by congress granting to disabled sol- ers a pension to aid ns in the hat- eof looking. Dickinson, K. Jiene Gen. Harter, and all the rest letter which has for an im- of the long line of "plutocrats" who inonse baidar among the Demo- are striving to cojipass the election cratio veterans of New York: of Cleveland smile a sly smile when "Comrades, strain we are on tbo they hear such girl as this eve ot a presidential sex ana will soon be ealled upon to decide by our ballots who shall ocenpy the ei' ecutive chair for the next four years.

For LlnntonnnMlovnrnor, For Auditor of Htntn, It. For Tronsnror, J. Of Nmmlio bounty. Mven and talaTapbio dir patahoa, intaudod for piblicntiou, ahould tar addruaaad to i'un Hum, and all aonimuuiuatton opon baaiuaaa, innludina riuit. No matter what the condition of the market may be, whether high or lowl Remember, nothing but an Amert can tariff the McKinley bill stundslike a sentinel guarding your pocket and av ing you f 18,, or the difference be tween the American and English mar ket!

This will be done if the opposition can do enough trading, and they will trade anything for votes for members of the legislature. Let no Republican be deceived. Louis Globe-Democrat thus comically hits off tho Democratic rejoicing over aa occasional accession to their ranks; "The ecstasy of joy with which tho Democrats announce a new convert in the person of a Gresham or a Mc-Veagh is calculated to remind the student of Charles Dickens of the wild delirium with which the Crummies family, when acting in the provinces, would hail an addition to their audience.

For ConKraMmant-lnrtfa. Party aflllistions under certain conditions and circumstances is all right, but when the result is of such vital importance to ns, it is no less a privilege than a duty we owe ourselves and those dependent upon ns, to use every honorable means to place the man at iue bead ot tne government that will the most faithfully carry out the promises made aud stand by us in our notir of need.

The parsons daily sun from parsons, kansas ยท 2

For 'onrw. Tbo illiiht fuko ever known in KanBdH polities in the story concoeted by the "PeoplnV' party thst Jerry Simpson in indftngerof ansssi nation. How many to-day are hysically able to perform the mnn- ual labor necessary to procure a Com- ortalile living lor ourselves Hint those dependent upon us? One member of the dramatio company was generally stationed behind a hole in the drop curtain, while the others were dress-Bing.

If you are a farmer yon will be interested in knowing what free wool would mesn to you! Of MrPhwraon County. Kdwin C. These facts should bo known by all contompo raries, as they aid very materially in the proper consideration of this letter.

Even in the great "Peoples" party strongholds the Republican meetings are the largest. Chairman Har-rity has addressed a circular to the public calling for subscriptions.

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The curtain will rise on a slim house iu spite of the two gentlemen who have just entered the pit. Everywhere it is the same. Advertisement uudar classified ItHelx. For Atlnrnfj-flenpriil, T. For Sajiorlntondiiiit of Public Inatrnotlon, J.

For County Attorney, A. For Dim rlct Clerk, K. For County HuporlnlntHlt'nt A. For Cominlnlomr Third Dlatrlot J. Of North Township.

Cent per Cent per pound. Then here are the figures showing for the last twelve years the comparative average annual prices of the same grado of wool in Lou don aud in tho United Stittcs: Price in Ion- I'rlreln United don of aver.

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Notwithstanding these accessions, the curtain generally arose on slim bou-ies, and so it will be with tho Democratic show on November 8lb. Every possible effort is now being used to secure a majority in the legislature that will send Jerry Simpson to the United States senate. Do you doubt it? The Democratic national committee has officially taken up the AVtc York World's plan of appealing to ihti public at large for a charity fund to run their campaign and to pay such of their voters for voting as do not think it worth while to do eo unless they are paid for it.

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We must not let General Apathy run this campaign. Democrat can vote the "People's" party ticket. Let us all enlist under General Activity and carry on one more vigorous campaign iu the maintenance of our rights. Beers concludes as follows: "I am aware that this will be criti cism! We do not believe there in a timn in Kansas so dimple as to believe such nonsense.

Senator lVITcr Rays that the Democrats of Kansas this year are timply the clothes rack of the "People's' party, that they are simply holding the "People's" party'B clothes while the "People's" looking Is lighting the Republicans. Ita miaflnllannoua madia la atiiiie and an- lnUd girl tnwt oare. I have arrived at theatre of fully three score years, was brought up iu the Demo cratic faith and have been a life long uemocrrx Jiut l am more interested u the coming election as affecting the interests of all old soldiers, aud am fully satisfied that Orover Cleveland is not the friend of the soldier boyB of 1SG1-C5, and is not eutitled to aud should not receive our support.

The man who talks that sort of nonsense has no knowledge for the situation. NH HU N la a banilaom aawaoaoar. There is baidar a partisan of Cleveland's iu Elmira who would sex of imputing any other motive to Gen. Beers' action. The following affidavit has just been made public. M pas. Comrades, how many re- urneu to their home with health mi ni paired? Calvin S. Payne of Ohio and his Standard Oil aasoci- No shrewd politician will depend on the vote of two years ago for a basis on which to form conclusions of the result in this year WJ'2.

J'alnirrapli na at our acimuna in aa few words aa possible, ami see mat iiittpiihiu-aa ara not duplluaUtd, Wuxu tlia tnliKrili is aot available, aund blate Hard or latter by mall.

American farmer are asked to vote for free trade iu the face of the news that comes anross the Atlantic by every mail and by every day's cable that the farmers of Great Britain are flat on their backs, with no hope fur the future. Their work for the next ten days will be of a character the most desperate. The exposure and hardships ttiero incurred have made havoo on ur constitutions and our health.

Only about half its present market value!

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It mark, t riru are nf uilr orr-soted ana r Mrtd tneanh fl: Imm. It Ailitikrinl anil loojtl on touts Aft i tundsd. For ANfiociritp Jntttlca, 1. At each arrival in tho auditorium he would shout, 'Another man in the pit,' or 'Another boy in the gallery,' as the case might be, to the iutinite delight of tho aspiring Thespians behind him.

And deponent furtbar says that on several occasions ho baa beard said Cleveland ajwert that be would blate vote for an Irishman, and particularly not for an Irish Komau Cutholie, for the reason that he lielieved them all treacherous and unworthy of support.

It sex very plain to me that with tne past record of uro-ver Cleveland, if any veteran casts his ballot for him he not only stultifies himself, but goes back upon every comrade of the Union army. While there is not much hurrah in the campaign this year the Republicans have the advantage of theif opponents in the size of their girl meetings in Kansas.

That for the Domocrutlo city convention, held in the city of Huffulo in the autumn of Hlieelian for the olllce of comptroller of the said city: that prior to such con vent Ion tho name of said Orover Cleveland was the principal one mentioned for theoAlce or mayor of said city, and be had agreed to accept the nomination, but on tbo day of such convention and looking after such nomination of said John O.

Hbcohan, as aforesuid, said Cleveland refused to accept said nomination for mayor, be thou and there saying, in deponent's presence, with an oath, that he would not go on the ticket with that Irishman, meaning said John O. Aud deponent further Bays that aald Cleveland then aud there agreed to accept such nomination only upon condition that said Kheelmn'should witudrawfrom the ticket aud from 1 be nomination of comptroller, and he, said rWitelmn, waa induced so to withdraw in order that said Cleveland might be nominated anil accept such nomination.

We baidar for the life of us see how any eelf-respectim?

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U the next congress is Democratic and Mr. Cleveland president, wool will bo Imported free of duty! I venture to assert that not ten per cent of all those who returned from the war are free from the effects of the cam- aign. His rejection of Cleveland's candidacy and his support of Gen. Harrison are based on conviction and principle. Luder ordinary circumstanoes it would be of little consequence to the most of us which of the presi dential nominees should be called upon to fill the exalted position, but under existing circumstances it be comes a matter of almost vital im portance to each and every one of us, H'e left our homes aud families, sac rificed our business and endangered our health as soldiers aud sailors to maintain the union of the states and the supremacy of the stars aud stripes.

This is now the second great wool producing country in the world, Australia lieing the largest.

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Therefore it is that the Advertiser speaks thus of a man whom it has opposed politically, but fur whom personally it cherishes tho most sincere respect. This may be only a straw1, but it is a straw that politicians usually count on pretty heavily. Thaaa dopartmanta will ha irlotly tialil fur tuuu le i timuta plirpoaaa.