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A person who performs oral sex on a woman during her period is also said to have earned their "red wings. Less commonly, a person is said to have earned their red wings after engaging in any kind of sexual activity with a menstruating woman. The author Hunter S. To gain red wings was seen as a rite of passage. The practice of engaging in oral sex during menstruation is mentioned in ancient teachings including Tantra, but as menstruation was considered holy, many of these texts encourage avoidance of sexual contact during these times.


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Sections Information. The main issue people have with period sex is the messiness of the process.

Definition of earn (one's) red wings

Period sex, however, is considered taboo for different reasons. Having sex while on your period can actually be beneficial in terms of sensation.

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There is a quick solution to this, however. Most women have their period for an entire week once a month—a considerable amount of time for a dry-spell if a woman happens to have a lot of casual sex. Bleeding while having sex can be messy and considered gross by both partners.

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Studies show that the chances of getting pregnant when having sex on your period are very unlikely—although there is a chance, nonetheless. Menstruation should not inhibit sexual activity, whether it be for a male or female. Putting down a towel before sex can eliminate the mess that period sex causes.

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Orgasms also flush out compounds that cause cramping during periods. In addition to an improved sexual experience, period sex can actually alleviate period cramps and shorten the length of a period. About Us. Period sex should not be used as an excuse to practice unsafe sex.

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Wearing condoms helps prevent pregnancy and can help to avert sexually transmitted diseases—something that you are more likely to catch when you are on your period. By getting over the initial shock of bleeding during sex, the experience may prove to be even better than usual.

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Work With Us. Knights' Life. Period sex is often incredible due to this increase in sex drive.

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Female orgasms result in uterine contractions, which expel blood and uterine lining at a faster rate. Period sex is a form of sex that is considered taboo, along with certain other sexual behaviors, such as anal sex. By taking extra precautions before engaging in period sex, the act does not have to be messy.

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