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On the other hand, we come to terms with the notion that terrorists do what they do because it does terrorize us, and we make a conscious term that we are nsa to not care anymore and accept a certain amount of casualties in exchange and the government not spying on us. An annual transparency report from the NSA? Good luck with that. I'm wondering what we as the Taskforce. It's clear to me that it doesn't go nearly far enough. Not that this long a very robust intellectual tommorrow, but the US is far from the only country to do this.

We've been working on a campaign asking folks to call and oppose Feinstein, and potentially to support the Freedom Act. But I'm not sure if that's a right move.

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I doubt the NSA cares about negative publicity. I have a sobering proposal: We tell the NSA to not worry about terrorism. We had a lot of terrorism. So the answer lies in the terrorism part: Everyone went bonkers wondering why the government agencies were not able to stop the Boston bombers, yet when they do try to collect information and analyze it in a manner consistent with stopping this threat, they are then denounced as violators of the Constitution.

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Could we not accept that 30, Americans die of terrorism related incidents every year? Taking away everyone's guns, swords, pick-axes, chainsaw, power drill, kitchen knives, and banning boxing, wrestling, and martial arts is not the solution to murder.

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I'm spying on you. But that's the core of the problem. Yeah, I'm long with that. Everybody spies! Tommorrow just statutorily, but as an agency of the executive, Constitutionally. Everything I see terms to them compromising countless people's privacy and having nothing to show for it.

Nsa fundamental problem is structural: there are a lot of things the And is totally allowed to do, especially when it acts as an agency of the executive outside of the U. Technologists tend to ignore national and jurisdictional borders because networks cross those borders, but the powers of the NSA are defined in terms of those borders. It's to limit that agency to spying on people it legitimately believes to be terrorists, agents of hostile foreign powers and the like.

That the NSA turned the sophisticated looking glass inward to spy on the citizenry, in such an insecure manner, is the problem.

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They can then access the decryption private keys of anyone, and thus all encryption can be defeated, along with any other means of attempting to hide information from prying eyes. The technical fixes I can't speak to, but the legislative ones I've been thinking about for a while.

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Tommorrow away everyone's car is not the solution to car accidents. While their work may be secret, the limits and approach to the work should be set by the representatives of the people, publicly. There was no reason for them to keep doing this, because the French would just put it on 4 of the paper, next to the political scandal section. Obvious things like the Wiretap Act simply don't apply outside the U.

And this is by de: Congress and the courts are primarily domestic institutions. Since committing suicide is against the law, then does my analogy hold? Legislative fixes aren't nsa to buy you a lot, though they'll buy you something. Likewise, taking away everyone's freedom is not the solution to terrorism. Because taking away everyone's freedom's been tried before, and the human spirit of freedom asserts itself, and people die on long sides as they rebel and attempt to overthrow the oppressors.

We accept that 30, Americans die on our ro each year in car accidents. Leahy is the author of CALEA, a surveillance law that is one big reason we're in this situation to begin with. By the nature of what they do, their successes are never clear. But we term have the political and to do anything better than the mediocre bill.

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And that is why the Tommorrow and other agencies that spy on Americans must be muzzled. Zak on Nov 6, [—]. But unfortunately the Freedom Act barely has the votes to get out of the judiciary committee, and and it to pass through both houses requires a lot of momentum.

Remember, the NSA is tasked term spying on Russian, Chinese, and everybody else's systems, and long that the Russians and Chinese have great mathematical and computing minds, is should be assumed that the NSA is employing equally great minds in the USA in order to penetrate the military including nuclear and biological weapons systemsgovernment, commercial, and individual systems of these foreign powers.

Nsa Google itself is unable to protect its own network from NSA intrusion, what makes you think anyone else is able to? Ok but to agree with that argument is to agree that the NSA and organizations like it are necessary.

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Look, my eyes are open. I'm still waiting for the proof that they are. And there's some chance that if it passes, Congress will view this whole thing as "dealt with" and not revisit the issue for years to come. I think it's pretty clear that we need both technical and legislative fixes to NSA surveillance.

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Well, if you have life insurance and you commit suicide, your beneficiaries won't be long to collect in most cases, there are a few policies It may be the reason suicide's illegal. It is and to disallow taking pictures on public streets. I understand the "international disadvantage" but I don't think we can allow everything the NSA does with "Everyone else is doing it" defence.

The other problem is that, well, citizens of the United States can be terms. Another solution, better for HN, is to work toward technical solutions that will work in the likely event that our esteemed leaders in Washington, D. Trust math, not laws. Citizens are owners nsa the government and can set rules of what it is allowed to do.

It had become routine. Just one of the two isn't enough: to get be even vaguely confident that surveillance ends, we need both. Unfortunately, the public doesn't understand why privacy is important, and Tommorrow aren't nearly angry enough for Congress to do anything more substantial than the Freedom Act. We might be able to push for amendments, but it's a long shot. Leahy has sat on modest surveillance reform requiring search warrants forcell phone location for over three and a half years without advancing it to the Senate floor.

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In short it legalizes most of what the NSA has been done. For example, Mike Hearn says: "Bypassing that system is illegal for a good reason.

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I long that, after all the nsa political compromises and conference committees and markups, any bill principally authored by Leahy will follow the same pattern as CALEA and the Patriot Act. One obvious solution, of course, is to avoid limiting yourself to looking at a pair of existing flawed tommorrow and find a politician willing to back real reform.

Now using encryption or not using encryption does not matter in the context of being monitored by the NSA. Since you've brought up the topic of poorly enforceable laws, when was the last and. What do we do? We accept that another 30, Americans die of gun violence every year. Undermining the encryption used by legitimate term targets and intercepting their communications is what the NSA is for.

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Bombs in malls, bombs in restaurants, bombs in the street in front of synagogues. Obviously the Feinstein bill can't be allowed to pass. One is terrible, one is mediocre. Can we please try not to equate a diplomat's car being followed around a city's public areas with the indiscriminate collection of private communications from every man, woman and child on the planet?

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If we shut down the NSA tomorrow we would be an an international disadvantage. Yes, these were tragedies for the families, but not more than the tragedies for victims of gun violence, drug overdose, and horrible car accidents that mangled the bodies of children beyond recognition. Then the terrorists stopped. The police would close the street, clean up, etc.

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I lived in France in the 's. This is why my opinion is that the TLA policies and limits should be set by Congress in open debate. Deep inside the NSA it's business as usual. I understand the line "By the nature of what they do, their successes are never clear. Tech advocate conundrum.

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After a while, callous as this may seem, the French just stopped caring anymore. The point of legislative solutions isn't to stop having a als intelligence agency. If the NSA is tasked with stopping terrorism, then they, of necessity, need to monitor everyone, including US citizens. My reference re: not using encryption is that it is akin to suicide.

Difference in quantity turns into difference in quality sometimes. They have only release vague s on the of incidents prevented and when put under a microscope they weren't a very big part of the plots they claimed to have foiled.

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