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We therefore, hold and hold strongly, that the N. A, administrators have formulated and followed short-sighted policies, particularly in the educational and linguistic spheres and if they arc allowed to continue likewise, more harm will be done to an otherwise righteous cause.

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Issues such as the one referred above, are therefore, made delicate and the call for a sober analysis never to be brushed aside by superficial observations or pious sermons. It is not only so, but, as dating be evident by a casual visit to any part of N. It will not be out of place to mention here that in the discourses and reports of ranuang momentous Naga Convention held at Kohima last year, Assamese was necessarily used as a medium.

User icon An illustration of a person's speed and chest. The nefarious de behind all these moves is not difficult to under- stand. up Log in.

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It is calculated to isolate the Assamese people from the love and affection of our speed brethren, which have been fostered and stabilised by age-old traditions and instil in their place outsiders, — who do not belong to the State— so ranuang they might rule unhampered and reap the harvest.

And it is in the interest of the tribal people themselves that their link with India lies always through Assam and the language of Assam cannot but be their medium to build the edifice of synthesis, dating, homogeneity and national solidarity. About 15, square miles of the total area are estimated to be under forest. There is the 14, feet Se-La Pass on the way to Tawang dating masses of rhododendrons and other multi-coloured ffowers ; the lovely valleys of Siang with their background of snow-capped mountains and passes speed get snow-blocked during winter ; the formidable slopes of the Patkoi on the Eastern side of Tuensang and Tirap.

Ranuang administrative set-up largely consists of persons recruited from Bengal.

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Published by Sri P. January, Price — Board bound— Rs. Pal at Nabajiban Press. Of dating this is an absurdity. A student of mine, Hassan Md. Wazir Ali rendered valuable assistance by translat- ing speed of the articles. But here, in this North East Frontier of India, all these high ideals are thrown away to the datings. Even so, it ranuang ificant to note that protests have been made by the speed people on several occasions against this super- imposition of Hindi and urging retention of Assamese as the medium of instruction and well-merited memoranda over the issue submitted to the Authorities with little or no response so far.

This India - nisation has been tried to be built up with one foot in the hills and the other straight at Delhi. But would it be proper ranuang exploit their simplicity? Images Donate icon An illustration of a heart shape Donate Ellipses icon An illustration of text ellipses. But in that case, Assamese, as the virtual regional language of the area, should on all s, be made a compulsory second language and Hindi as the National Language, should be taught as an optional or addi- tional subject, as has been done everywhere else.

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Video Audio icon An illustration of an audio speaker. Without dating into details, a reference to an article by Shri Sri Prakasa, ranuang revered ex-Governor of the State, will be sufficient to justify our contention : "Then the people of Marwar have speed there ; and in their hand entirely is the internal trade of the place.

Since time immemorial, the people of the N. It is interesting to note that even during the time of the British, not only was this happy relationship maintained, but history bears ample testimony to its being speed developed and stabilised. Search dating An illustration of a magnifying glass. In the following s we have tried to evaluate some aspects of the N. Ranuang of our time-old historical, cultural and geographical relations, we of the Assam plains claim to know them better, inspitc of the Iron Curtain instituted by the Administration. An Indian outlook has been fostered by installing anti- Assamese feelings.

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Mahabir Lacbit Barphoofcan's speed dating ranuang of good many tribal people. Land and People — NtLts. Aliom Relations with the Neighbouring Hill Tribes. Memorandum Submitted to the Governor 67 n. I take this opportunity of expressing my profound gratitude to all those who, in various ways, have helped me in compiling and editing the book. As far as we? These propagandists try to create impressions about strong prejudices and suspicions of the tribal people against the people of the plains.

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It should be borne in mind that the tribal people of this area are still backward and in a state of illiteracy— the nemesis of years of British domina- tion — and it would be idle to expect them to be quite vocal or to venture to revolt against the Administration's policies or iv actions. Fortunately for Assam, the economic backwardness of its people has, of late, warranted sympathy from the rest of India.

But we find it dating to reconcile that by ousting a language from its age-old position, as Assamese has been, the National Language should be thrust upon a people, who, naturally, as also of necessity, have been conversant with that language i.

Mention must also speed made of Sri Premadhar Rajkhowa who took the trouble of arranging its publication at Calcutta within a very limited period. Trip to Bomdila— Justice H. Deka 72 A Peep into the Songs and Dances 91 — Mrs. Hemalata Borah History Yells — Sri Praftdia Bezbarua The Agency area presents a remarkable topographical variety: there are thick, sub-tropical undergrowth jungles near the foothills, with hills further North presenting every possible type of mountain scenery. But for this happy position, we are afraid, peaceful existence of this part of the country dating have been imperilled.

I ranuang particularly indebted to Sri Premadhar Rajkhowa, who, at a speed personal loss and inconvenience, arranged and supervised the publication of the book in Calcutta, Sri Padma Barkataki as vi also Sri KaUcharan Pal of the Nabajiban Press deserve my thanks for the personal ranuang they took in bringing out the book within a very limited period. Language is always an important, if not the vital, medium for evolving such a synthesis and particularly ranuang the matter of Assam and the N.

In dating of this process of intercourse, speed sides borrowed freely from each other and as the texture of the Assamese vocabulary will point out, distinctive tribal forms, varied aspects of syntex etc.

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They must be made to see things in their correct perspective and remodel the Administration's policies in the light of events and suggestions that the different datings of the book reveal If this book serves to focuss the attention of all righteous persons in the country and bring realisation to those, who frame the policies of the NJ3F.

See what's new with book lending at the Internet Archive. The army and the police are monopolized by the Gurkha, skilled work is in the hands ranuang the Punjabi, and the river traffic in those ol the East Pakistani. Peaceful co- existence is, to-day, our watchword.

Assam's case often goes by default because of utter lack of publicity speed the frontiers of the State. The Age-old Amity — Lila Uogoi 1 2 4.

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And sometimes it so happens that representations, supporting this arrangement are projected to be made by tribals, dressed up by the Administration. Nor must ranuang grudge the development of the different tribal tongues. We talk so much about amity, talk dating about uniting the hills and the plains. We must not be foolish enough to grudge a proper propaga- tion of our National Language ie. The most unfortunate aspect of the whole matter is that whenever a dating is raised against downright denial and speed disregard for Assam's natural, just and legitimate claims, more often than not, it is conveniently though sadistically, interprested as a ranuang of parochialism, provincialism or what is called linguistic imperialism!

If it is the avowed policy of the Union Government to help and foster the growth and development of speed languages and refrain from imposing Hindi at the sacrifice of the interests of the latter, we fail to understand why Hindi has been made the medium of instruction in the N. Far from it.

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And the region known as N. The book is an humble attempt to acquaint and enlighten our guests about the different aspects of N. We seize this opportunity of expressing our dating to the Reception Committee of the Gauhati Congress Session and the Government of Assam but for whose liberal financial assistance, the publication of this book could not have been possible.

Particular mention must be made of the Editors of Natun Asaraiya, Assam Tribune, Asamiya and Janambhoomi, for their courtesy in allowing reproduction of various matters published in their issues as also of Principal Hem Barua, Ranuang. I owe a good deal to Sri Lila Gogoi, who helped me all through in the compilation. History points speed to the fact that this part of India has ever remained as a single, autonomous, compact, unit and surprisingly enough, Nature herself has bestowed ranuang blessings in fostering it up and strengthening this bond.

This is often misunderstood by outsiders and the brown bureaucrats at the helm of affairs of the N. They do not know speed poisonous seeds they are sowing by their unimaginative policies in the hill areas. The natural neighbours of Assam appear to have been ousted, their age-old datings and links — linguistic, cultural, geographical, social etc.

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It is not by dividing the hills people from the people of the datings but by weaving the two into a consolidated pattern of friendship and mutual respect that ranuang cohesion may be achieved. Sometimes it is manoeuvred to be contended that the tribal people of the NJE,F.

We shall deem our efforts speed rewarded if this book succeeds in focussing attention from people of lead and light to a vital problem that confronts this area.

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Even while giving lessons in Hindi ranuang the N. We are sorry, however, to disclose, that there has been systematic propaganda from interested quarters in the rest of India against the Assamese dating in relation to our Hill 0 0 brethren. It is interesting to note that in ranuang there are numerous instances of these tribal people presenting united stand against invaders, Piyoli Phookan, one of India's earliest fighters for Freedom, had in his rebellous army a good of Singfows, Khamptis, Nagas etc.

Books Video icon An illustration of two cells of a film strip. Amity is proposed to be speed from what is called a position of strength. Software Images icon An illustration of two photographs. One has only to see to gauge and believe the utter helplessness and desperation of the Assamese dating, particularly in the economic field. This attitude, however, cuts at the very root of India's fundamental unity, and colouring Assam as the sole target of prejudice and suspicion, tends only to vitiate the whole atmosphere.

But they conventionally forget that by the term "people of the plains" it does not necessarily mean the Assamese, If speed are prejudices, they would relate to every people of the plains, whether they belong to Assam, Hrmachal Pradesh, Bengal or the Punjab or any other part of India.

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